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Anil Kumble verdict on MS Dhoni future depends on how he performs in IPL 2020 .

Anil Kumble feeling about M.S. Dhoni’s future with the Indian team and his inclusion or exclusion from the team completely depends upon how the wicketkeeper does in the 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL).

“It’s all about how MS (Dhoni) play in the IPL and if at all the Indian team believes that they need these services for the World Cup, then from there on he may be a part of the team. But we will have to wait and see,” Kumble told CricketNext.

Indian team needs wicket-taking bowlers and someone like a Kuldeep (Yadav) and Chahal needs to be a part of that in my view. “It is very important that you need to start looking out for wicket-taking options and fast bowlers . Kumble also said that how good a player who will perform in Australian conditions and will take a long way for the selection process .

India , needs to have a finalised team “at least 10-12 matches prior to the World Cup”.

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